Privacy Policy

Allen Wrench Handyman & Renovations collects various data from you for our marketing efforts. This information includes but is not limited to, full names, email addresses, addresses, phone numbers, zip codes, and user data. Your information is utilized for marketing efforts and office communications. Allen Wrench Handyman & Renovations does not sell or outsource our users data in any way except for absolutely necessary data sharing for functionality of our 3rd party marketing softwares. 

Some of your financial information is stored by Allen Wrench Handyman & Renovations Services INC. to make our invoicing process easier. When collecting our standard 50% deposit, we will save the card you pay the deposit with as a card on file. The only information accessible to us is the last 4 digits of the card. This information will never be shared by us. By becoming a customer of Allen Wrench Handyman & Renovations, you acknowledge that you are subject to our payment policy. If the work included on your invoice has been completed, Allen Wrench Handyman & Renovations may bill the outstanding amount to the card on file or any other payment method we have available for you. By paying your deposit, you have entered a contractual relationship and you have agreed to pay the full invoice amount upon completion of the work listed on your invoice. All payments are due upon receipt. 

If it has been 7 days since the date of the transaction for your deposit payment, your deposit is no longer eligible for a refund of any kind. However, the full amount of the deposit will remain on your account with Allen Wrench as a credit which can be applied to any future project.

Allen Wrench Handyman & Renovations Services, INC. Reserves all usage rights to intellectual property generated on a project. Allen Wrench Handyman & Renovations owns the rights to all pictures, videos, or any other form of media generated from a job, and may use the intellectual property in any public medium. By becoming a client of Allen Wrench Handyman & Renovations,  you agree to the terms set forth in our privacy policy. 

If you have any further questions on our privacy policy, please call our main office at 210-444-9170